Hello everyone, so I've been wetting the bed off and on since I was young, but thought it had finally went away three years ago. But recently, like over the past few months, it’s started up again. It’s been a huge pain when it happens which is about three or two times a week.

So I went to my doctor and after a urine sample and blood test, she prescribed oxybutynin, the slow release tablets (10mg). I've been taking them for about two weeks now but they don't seem to be working (I had one incident where I had bad nights four nights in a row while on the drug), and also its giving me terrible headaches, nausea and dizziness. Also it makes it very hard to get work done, and I find that on days when I really need to get work done I don't take it so my head is clear.

Has anyone else been prescribed this drug and had similar side effects? I'm not sure what to do, I'm thinking of scheduling another appointment but wasn't sure if this is normal. My doctor did say it would take a little while to kick in.

Anyone else try this or have another drug with fewer side effects which actually works?