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i honestly dont know whats wrong with me. ive never had a problem like this before. lately ive been urinating alot more than usuall, and sometimes, after urinating it feels like i still have to go. and the worst part is ive even began wetting the bed during the night while i sleep! this has been going on for about a week now and i really dont know what to do! i mean im 24 and wetting the bed! do you have any idea how embarassing that is? :$


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Is this still happening?
You need to see your doctor an have your urine tested. You could have an infection going on.
iI do know how embarassing this is for you, im going through it at the min with my daughter. She is 19.

She dose have a kidney problem an gets alot of infections.

You could have an irritable bladder an this can be tested for.

You doctor can give you tablets to help with the night wetting.