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10 days ago on my way home from work my legs and back were aching something awful, that night I ran a high fever, the next day I could not drink liquids as the inside of my mouth is sooo sensitive. After a few days of this my testicles became red and swollen and soreness has moved to include my arms and hands. Doctor finds no infection, white blood count is 3. They said it might be a viral infection, then another doctor said possibly lime disease, however there is no rash. Finally went to ER and they don't know but gave me an iv for dehydration. Any ideas? No insurance so they really don't care and are not going to do much of anything.


It does sound as simple as aches and pains due to a cold or fever.

Why this should involve your testicles is a mystery...
Unless your point is that you are sexual active and fear that you may have picked up an STD, and that all the rest of these symptoms are drawn from that. You shared nothing of this sexual history, of your partners, your lifestyle, your practices. All MAY have something to bear upon this problem. Without more to go on, what are we to think? Where to we go? Where do the doctors go? And why should then?

Your final opinion that they won't care about you or treat you fairly because you don't have insurance is certainly cynical and assuming a lot.

What have you found out?