I met this girl and at 1st she just wanted to be friends seeing that she just moved down to Florida from up north. (She basically just dropped everything and packed her car up and moved down here). We hung out a few times and we loved spending time so much together that it eventually ended up in a relationship. I always felt like something was off as she would go from highs to lows. Even at the start of our relationship she ended up quitting the job she just moved down here and got and wanted to move in with me. I said ok because I cared about her and I started having all these expectations. Problem is she was trying to control me from day one...trying to stop anything she didnt like about me which at times I felt was EVERYTHING. I couldnt share my feelings have the time because it was too much "pressure" on her. For months we lived together...i was even paying her bills until she found another job with better hours. She just didnt want to do that in Florida. She said she came here to live life not be at work all day everyday. She was also missing her friends and family back home up north and would need to go visit them at least once a month. She actually packed up a few times to actually go back because it was like she was having breakdowns. She would  tell me she loved me more than anything and I have the greatest heart and she couldnt ask for anything more. Well 4 months in her birthday comes around and we do a yacht party. All her friends were down and they were staying in my place all 6 of them which I didnt mind as long as my girl was happy. At the end of the weekend before her friends went back she finally told me about her condition. She told me also with her friends being here made her want to go home even more. I wasnt happy but what could I do. She packed up and left the next day only to call me on the hwy crying and asking me if she is making the right decision. She ended up driving back to my apt and staying the night. I thought everything was fine or why else didnt she leave. The next morning she woke up early got a couple more things and left, this time for good. She called me on the way back numberous times and actually was texting me that night that she didnt want me to give up on her and she loved me to death and all this. After that when she was back home she became very distant. Its been a little over a week now. I would ask her questions about u know my feelings to the situation and she would just tell me one word "stop" in the texts. Like im some child or something. Basically because she is trying to get her life back together I cant say or feel anything or else im being a "girl". So 2 days ago I told her that I felt she was being distant and she told me to stop again so I basically just said ill leave you alone and she never responded. The next morning I woke up and she had deleted our pictures and me off social media and that was it. I put up  a post on instagram saying "I dont hate you, im dissapointed, because you turned out to be everything you said you wouldnt". She wasnt even my friend on instagram at the time so she couldnt see the post but her friend was who I guess told her. My ex then texted me "Sorry I couldnt be with a female"...Im like WTF?!?!?!. Like who is she talking to you know. I didnt respond because thats just disrespectful and obviously what I posted must have been something that got to her. I just need some advice on these bi polar people because ive never dealt with one before and Ive never seen someone switch back and forth like this...its like I dont even matter anymore and up until a week ago she was telling me how she is so greatful to have me in her life...how much she loves me...planning to come see me...all this. Any advice is appreciated thanks.