Well we all know thats nothing new I guess.It is very common in these relationships after all.Trouble is though a lot of people will tell us that we gotta walk away from them.It's doing them no good or ourselves either.And to a certain extent I do agree.They will never learn to get well if we constantly take them back with open arms when they want us back after breaking up cos its too easy for them to stay sick.Think about it though.If every man or woman walks away from their bi polar spouse what will become of the bi polar partner?Should they be exempt from love because they got a serious mental illness?Well I dont need to tell my story.I think everybody knows we been broke up 4 times in 10 months and are still broke up.The last time we chatted on FB was on the end of September.She knew my 30th b'day party was coming up too and didnt even acknowledge it until I politely texted her that I would like to watch a movie with her.After an hour she texted me back delighted.I didnt know whether it was all put on or not but she did come and in fairness to her she bought me a lovely cake with candles,spent 15 euros on a music card for me and bought me a really funny card.I didnt read the card till I got home.My evening went just okay.I had a couple of lafs with her I suppose but as I was feeling so confused it was hard for me to feel really comfortable.I was glad we parted with a hug anyway and I text her saying "Thanks very much for everything, really appreciated and thought the card was really good."So met her a couple of weeks later at a do.She drove past me walking and even stopped to talk to me and I happily helped her bring some of her stuff in from the car.So chatting away just like normal friends and after a while I just got the vibe that she wanted her space so I left her alone.It was difficult though for me but I did want to respect her privacy.Its nice I suppose that we still have that ability to talk to each other from time to time without any discomfort but deep down I still miss her and would give anything for her to see some day that maybe if she decided to put a bit of work into our relationship that things could be good.I pray everyday for her welfare and offer up my pain and loneliness for her good.I'd just like to know if theres anyone out there in these relationships who have achieved stability and genuine mutual love and what they used to do it.I am reading up about using a holistic treatment plan though I suppose more importantly I would like to be the best friend that I can be to my ex.What should I do?