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I'm 12 years old and i have a big butt, and its hard to find pants to fit right, so i thought maybe i should loose the butt, how do I do that?


Hello Siani,

So, you think you have a big butt.  Are you big all over or is it just your but?  If it is just your butt, you may not be able to lose it.  Some people have a lot of fat receptors there as apposed to other places so you will store more fat there.  If you are heavy all over then you can lose weight all over and bring everything down to a smaller size.  The two important things you need to do are diet and exercise.  Lower the amount of calories you take in by about 500 Calories and exercise at least 3 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes.  Initially, it doesn't matter what exercise you do (walk, bike etc), just make sure you do something.  As you get stronger you can add in more rigorous exercise routines if you need to.  As far as your diet goes, keep it low cal and avoid sugar as much as you can.  You can have lean meats and fresh veggies and fruit.  Try some oatmeal and fruit for breakfast and possibly a boiled egg.