Hi all, I'm going through a rough time with my boyfriend/ex boyfriend. We met after he had been coming into my work for five years. We went out one night and really hit it off. He says he has depression type 2, adhd, and anger issues and is currently on no medications. He doesn't trust easily and has been hurt in the past. He works and is really functional. He does have a mental disability also. I swear he is bipolar but he says he's not. Anyway, we fell quick and hard in love within the first month. Which is so unlike me. Then something changed, he would break up with me once a week for only a day or so. Says he isn't good for me, that he feels out of place, tells me to find someone new. That the Devil is inside him. Along with suicidal thoughts.. He will tell me he wants to send me pics of him hurting himself. Flips out over little things or if he doesn't get his way. When our relationshop is good it's great. But anymore it's 50/50. The symptoms that make me think he does have bipolar is the quick mood changes that occur every single day. I have noticed that he will be hyper, sexual and just on top of the world, then he gets extremely cocky saying he can do better then me.. That's when he breaks up with me. Then when he gets depressed and Suicidal. But lately his moods have been going from depressed /manic? In one day? Sorry to make this so long. We have been together four months. After going through everything he has put me through mentally I ended it. I've been telling him for months to get help. I'll go there with him be supportive like I have been. He asked me if I would still go with him to the Dr's even though we have broken up. I love him so much but sometimes I wonder if he really did love me. He still texts me even though I ended it. I told him we could resume our relationship if he takes the necessary steps to help himself. He is in so much pain most of the time. Am I doing the right thing waiting for him? We are both 27 btw. And when he texts me with these suicidal thoughts should I still respond. ? Because right now I don't know if I'm doing the right thing. I want nothing mor then to be with him. But I can't help him if he doesn't help himself first. I would 302 him, but I'm scared because his family doesn't like me because of lies he told them. Anyway thanks if anyone read this. I guess im just asking what I should do now. No contact? Thank you.