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I'm a 25 year old female who has never had any problems until about a year ago. I think one or two yeast infections in my life, but nothing more. I had an abortion over a year and a half ago and since then have been suffering from constant bladder infections. It has come to the point that I am able to call and speak with my doctor and collect antibiotics without needing to see anyone. Of the (10, give or take) that I have had this past year, I have only taken approximately 4 urine cultures which have always come back with bacteria. Yet the last two "infections" or so I thought, considering I would be slouched over in pain feeling as though I had to urinate, trying and only a few drops would come out came back with no bacteria. I would literally leave the toilet, and upon standing I felt like I needed to go again. Basically all my typical symptoms, and after taking the urine test, both came back normal. No bacteria?? I took the antibiotics anyways, felt much relief but still feel as though I have a slight infection.

At this point, I feel like I have to urinate, and alot of the times I go much less than expected from how I feel. The pain is not terrible, its just annoying to feel this way. No burning or itching, no discharge, or severe pain..just uncomfortable feeling like I constantly need to go. It will get to the point of me literally having to hold it in, yet nothing comes out when I try.

HELP! Could the abortion potentially have something to do with this problem? Did I develop something because of it?


Hey.  I don't have an answer for you but I thought you'd like to know that I have the exact same thing! I'm 26, I have had numerous UTI's since my late teens, then about 5 months I thought I had another one went to the doctor and she said that I didn't have any batteria but I still have that annoying tingling sensation. My doctor has asked for more urine samples and I'm having an ultrasound next week.  I would go back to your doctor.  I have heard that if you have had many UTI's that there can be scar tissue left behind.  I don't know if that's whats causing this feeling but I definitely am going to keep going to my doctor until I get an explanation and a possible solution. Good luck because I know this feeling sucks! 


Hi all,
I have read through countless threads like this and cried myself to sleep night after night as I have had urethral pain and irritaion and blood in my urine for 2 months now with no infection. I was at my wits end after been given antibiotic after antibiotic, i even went on a cleanse and tried several natural supplement, none of which worked.

The NHS just weren't doing it for me as I am back to uni in a month and could not afford to still have this illness, so i went private and after being put on 2 different types of antibiotic, I finally had a cystoscopy last week and on first glance, my bladder looked fine, but then when filled with water and stretched, it looked sore and irritated as a result of the infection i had in June at the beginning of this nightmare. This was what was causing the blood and also, surprisingly to me, the pain in my urethra. I have been put on a month supply of amitriptyline 10mg one in the morning and one at night. They are antidepressants and they make me extremely tired, but i am now getting used to them. They have being prescribed to relax my bladder and allow it to heal. I have been on them since my appointment and I already feel better with much less blood in my urine. it's a miracle. I feel like I am been given a second chance at life and I promised myself if i found an answer id come back on here to give hope to others reading this, as I know how terrifying it can be. There IS an answer out there. Suggest this to your doctors if you think it could help you.

I hope I can help someone, or give someone hope. Remember , most people that post on here haven't found an answer as those that do would just forget about it and get on with their lives, not bothering to post about it anymore on the internet. You WILL get better.

Dannii. 19.