I am 30 years old. This the first time I’ve experienced a change in my period cycle. I recently stopped my regular 7 day period on 12/28. I started Pink and brown spotting 5 days later on 1/3, following 12 days of heavy bleeding and blood clots. Today is 1/15 and I am still experiencing heavy bleeding, changing sanitary pads every two hours. I’ve had no pain, only faint pinches. No nausea, no sore breasts. My next period is due around the 20th, in 5 days. I read about implantation bleeding and miscarriage and it could be a possibility. But I am uncertain due to the length of bleeding and how soon this happened after my regular period cycle. I scheduled a doctors appointment in three days. Has anyone ever experienced this length of heavy bleeding 5 days after their regular period? What was the cause?