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It's a bit cold out at the moment, and I have had a great big problem with the circulation in my fingers. Ages after I have come back inside, my fingers are still freezing while the rest of my body is still warm and comfy. It stays like that even when I try and warm my fingers on a cup of coffee or on the radiator. What can I do about this? Will it pass on its own or is this a serious problem?


Like many others, you are probably dealing with poor circulation. This issue usually happens when you have a type of peripheral vascular disease. Also, like in any other issue, you should observe the symptoms.

So, if you do have numbness, discoloration, sores, pain and discomfort, this means that you do have issues with poor circulation.

Well, go to your doctor. Why? Because only he can determine what is happening to you.

You can easily deal with Raynaud's syndrome. I know this because my good friend had a similar situation and she was waiting to see her doctor. After she did it, they told her that this is her diagnoses.