3 days ago I had a really hard bowel movement and I pushed so hard I felt I strained myself. The next day my belly hurt all around my belly button it hurt so much it actually hurt to walk. There was no smell or discharge from my belly button at this time as many have said, on the 3rd day I woke up in the morning and my nightgown was covered with blood from my belly button. I cleaned it out put some flamazine cream in it and some medrol and then dried it and bandaged it with gauze so it could get air but save my clothing it is still bleeding not a lot since the first big burst this morning but still enough to have to wear a bandaid. Can you tell me what I might have done and is this related to the bowel movement that I stained so hard to have. This happened exactly like this one other time when I strained really hard as well and what makes me think it is related. I applied the same steps and it went away Should I do more?