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Afew years ago I had a bad migraine and all of a sudden I saw flashing light in my left eye and then moments later, I could see little black spots. I had it checked out, thought maybe it was a detached retina. Turned out it wasn't, it all was migraine induced.

It's been afew years since I've had any problems like that, until recently, I just got new contact lenses and afew days ago my left eye started bothering me. The vision doesn't seem as 'clear' as it was before and it feels like i have something bothering my lense. The second problem is the floaters seem to be more and I have abit of eyeball pain.

Any clue what that could be??? I'm in the process of making an appt to see the Eye Dr, so hopefully that will be soon.

Thanks in advance to those who can help!


Your best bet is what the eye doctor would say.

It could be that the contact is wrong for you and is causing some nerve irritation. Other than that, wait for the eye doctor to check it out.



I don't mean to worry you or anyone, But 5 weeks ago my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour,
She was having symptoms of headaches early in the morning and passing throughout the day, the later symptoms she was having were black floaters in her eyes due to the tumours location.
If you are having any headaches or personality changes visit your GP.
My mother put of going to visit the GP for a while putting it down to bad eyesight and then when was diagnosed it was too late.