I thought it was an allergy to bee products, because I first noticed blistering and swelling when using Burt's Bees products, and it went away when I changed out to a different lip balm. Well, I recently had the same reaction with a medicated Chapstick (which I'm aware has beeswax, but never bothered me before), only this time it won't go away. I've blistered all the way across my upper lip; it began on one side, and I thought it was a cold sore (even though I've NEVER had one). However, two days later, that part of my lip was smooth apart from a small, imperceptible scab, and a blister had appeared on the other side. I quit using the Chapstick and ordered vegan lip balms two weeks ago, but have been using Vaseline and a q-tip to avoid contamination and spreading it if it's a virus for the last two weeks. I thought I'd won, since I'd had no new blisters for a few days, just darker pink areas that looked like scars, but I just had a blister appear in the last few hours and split, same as the others, only not on the scarred places, but dead center of my upper lip. They're rapid onset, and rapid healing. It has not affected my lower lip at all. Vinegar seems to temporarily tame the condition.


Please and thank you for helping!