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Ive had this bump on my lip for a while, im scared that it might be herpes or something, but I havnt kissed a girl in a long time and im a virgin, not that it probably is relevant. The bump has a white head on it, I tried squeezing it and it wont pop or anything, Im only 18 I reallly hope I somehow didnt get herpes.


Hi DarBak! hard to say without seeing it. reason why you should show to a doctor. By the way you don't get herpes just by kissing a girlfriend on her mouth, You can get contaminated by a kiss with a person with herpes that comes in contact around your lip area. In general you differentiate these two situations by the appearance and history. herpes normally gives a burning feeling one day before its appearance and can last for some days, the lesions are blusters, vesicles containing a fluid. Pimples normally don't give burning sensation and have a pus bump. The best way to be sure is showing it to a doctor.