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I wonder if anyone can help. I recently visited Africa on 2 week trip and whilst there suffered an upset stomach e.g. diarrhoea. I told immodium to settle it, which it seemed to do. However the diarrhoea returned a couple of days later. It has since cleared up (about 7 days ago), and since then, everytime I eat, I suffer from a very bloated stomach, slight cramps and pains. It mainly occurs after lunch and lasts until the evening, usually once I've been to the WC. I spoke with a pharmacist who advised I may have lost all the good bacteria in my stomach and therefore it is having difficulty digesting the food. He gave me some pills to take that help to rebuild the bacteria. I am concerned that I may have a virus, or worse, that I've picked up whilst away. Can anyone shine some light?


Maybe you acquired a parasitic infection — pinworm, hookworm, tapeworm, something like that. I honestly believe that you should go and see a doctor and bring a stool sample if you are looking for a bloated stomach cure. It sounds, considering the circumstances, that a parasitic infection is most likely. 

Taking probiotics is always good of course, but if you do have worms, that will not help you get rid of them. Some of these worms grow really long and reproduce really quickly and end up "stealing" your nutrients so that you end up malnourished as well. 

Good luck with everything!