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I have been bloated for a few weeks now and some days are worse than others. It seems to have come out of nowhere and I gained about 10lbs. I've seen people on here say they have been bloated after a gallbladder removal surgery I had mine out in August and its now December. I had severe bloating after the surgery but it went away now my stomach is huge again. Should I be concerned? I talked to my OBGYN about it she seemed uninterested. I have a cyst on my ovary and had a kidney stone about two weeks ago. I also missed my period this month the doctor gave me a blood test and that came back negative for pregnancy. Is there any reason why I would be bloated? I have had cramping all over my stomach mostly under my belly button and right side.


Hi. honestly i just figured out why i have my symptoms, which are the same as yours, my gallbladder.  I've been in pain since february of 2012, miserable.  i also have a bad bacteria, so im going to try to heal mine.  i have a sluggish barely functioning gallbladder.  i have a natural dr, who has a client just like you, gallbladder removed and body still the same.

this is what i know, beets are amazing for a gallbladder, i know you dont have one but maybe it will help clear you up. BEETS,CUCUMBERS, CABBAGE.  all good for it.  you probably should see a natural dr, because they will give you whole food supplements that correct your body, not medicate it.  GOOD LUCK MY FRIEND, I hope to hear back on what happened.

i will check back on your first question, in a few days.