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Since about friday I have had a VERY bloated stomach (cant even suck in at all) and its hard as a rock... I have had regular stool movements and gas so I am unsure of what this is... Any suggestions as my doctor is closed untill monday for the new year.




There are few reasons which are causing bloated and hard stomach. Usually this is consequence of constipation but since you wrote that you have normal bowel movements and that you don’t have problems with gassing there is something else that is causing this in your case.

One more reason for hard bloated stomach is heavy high fiber diet.  If you have increased fiber in your nutrition try to cut it down and see if that will help you.

Also intolerance of your organism to certain type of foods can cause this. Lactose and fructose intolerance is often cause of various stomach conditions but this needs to be verified by your doctor. If some baking soda doesn’t help to ease your condition until you see your doctor try to avoid eating heavy food and be patient until you get solution to your problem.