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I have a very upset stomach from past 5 years. Now i am seeing certain blood colored on certain parts of my stool and also food substances not digested properly. I am not feeling any pain when doing but after sometime i poop i can see the color of the water in the potty changed to red color. what is happening??


Hello Upsetstomach,


Pain does not always have to be present to be an indicator of something wrong with your GI Tract, that is a misconception. Are you certain it's blood? Sometimes it can be certain foods that can change the color. If it is blood, then you need to see doctor immediately. If blood is entering your GI tract you can get a serious and very dangerous infection. think of it this way, if blood can enter your intestinal tract then bacteria can exit through the same opening as well. This can lead to a systemic infection and that can be quite painful and quite dangerous.