For anyone still reading these. I've been getting similar "attacks" since I was 19. I'm now 34. Usually several times a year. Starts with blurred spots in my vision and loss of peripheral vision. Then numbness... sometimes my fingers and hands, other times, my face, mouth, nose, etc. disoriented and severe headache afterward.  I think it may be due to hypoglycemia. I've tested negative for diabetes, but my blood sugar is always low. As soon as I start feeling one of these "attacks" coming on, I start chugging a sugary drink ASAP. Usually OJ or Applejuice. Pop if that's all I can find. I have found this to cut down my "attack" time and severity. If I catch it right away, Sometimes it will stop it in its tracks. I'll still get a headache though either way. So I pop a couple aspirin while I'm chugging my juice. Lol