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Well i have enough about me that makes my self confidence low, now i just realized im very hairy

im only 17, 18 next week (male, by the way)

my entire legs, my buttox, my chest, my arms, face and of course "down below", now just today i realized my back is getting really hairy! I know its puberty but it seems very rapid and gross!

also i grow hair around my eyes. not rapid, very small but they are noticeable. under my eyelids and in between my eyebrows and hairline

all this hair makes me feel unattractive and i want to get a tattoo when i turn 18 but with all this hair, where!?


This post came on almost 6 years ago, I hope (Ifhopedies) that you at 24 have now got confidence in your hairiness, no harm in that, I was a little shy also when I was hairy as a teenager but come 20 I was very proud of how hairy I was as a young man, so I hope it is the same with you too.