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Im Yoj, 16 years of age and this is my story.. I am pretty, smart, very talented and nice, I also have a good figure. Some says I almost have it all, bunch of people admire me, lot of guys are chasing after me. I'm always the shining star in our school I once became the Ms. Campus but suddenly i lost everything.... It was summer when pimples ruined everything. That was my worst summer so far.. I lost my friends, my admirers, and my boyfriend. Yea, I do have boyfriend before and he broke up with me just because of this. He cheated and lied to me he was secretly dating my half-sister and that hurts I didnt ate for weeks cried for months asking God why do I need to have pimples all over my face. Since then, I always thought that no one will like me even now, I am depressed, I feel ugly and and I always feel insecure. I even deactivated my facebook account , I cry every night my classmates insults me everyday , comparing me to other girls, saying stuffs like.."look at her she have perfectly clear skin unlike you!" Since then I stop communicating with others I always feel shy I always think that they're laughing about my face I don't want to stay in school any longer. I tried lots of treatments but nothing happened, enough for me to feel hopeless. I also thought of attempting suicide, My bff says im suffreing from anxiety and I think so too... Im tired of this sh*t happening to me, how can pimples be a very big deal to me. I feel bullshittttttttttt!


I will start by saying that I'm WAY past High School age, but I do remember how cruel some teenagers can be. So, with that said, I want you to know that I feel for you because I went through it. So, my advice to you regarding the "meanies"....ignore them. I know it's easier said than done, but you sound like a strong person and I believe you can do it. My Mom always told me to "kill your enemies with kindness". In other words, don't let them see that their nasty remarks hurt you. Try making a joke out of their remarks. If they remark about your acne, tell them something like; "I tried playing connect the dots with my pimples and it made a map of the world." And then just laugh like it doesn't bother you. After a while, if they see they are not causing you pain, they MAY stop being cruel. Also, I believe your acne did you a favor, so to speak. The people that have stayed true to you and by your side through your pain, are your true forever friends. The ones that are now making fun of you, never were, they were parasites hanging onto you because you were popular. So, I see your acne as a gift, so to speak, because it gave you your TRUE friends. As for the acne, there are lots of treatments out there and what works for one person doesn't always work for another. One treatment that is said to work is crushed up aspirin mixed with a cream or lotion that contains benzoyl peroxide. Antibiotic creams sometimes work to kill the infection in the follicles. Tea tree oil, Alpha hydroxy acids found in citrus fruits and taking zinc supplements may help. Nuts and seeds contain magnesium that may help with your anxiety. But the bottom line is: If you're beautiful inside, as I think you are, that's whats matters in the end. Because speaking from experience, those people that have nothing better to do but make fun of you and others, don't make it any farther in the future than anyone else. Most of them don't make it as far as those that are ridiculed because those that are ridiculed get an inner strength that helps them achieve more in life. So, hold your head high and love yourself so others will love you too. And if you are TRULY suicidal, get help!!! Mental illnesses are no different than physical illnesses. They both can be treated! Something that helps me when I'm down is telling myself that somewhere, someone has it worse than. This quote has also helped me.   "Nothing that grieves us can be called little: By the eternal laws of proportion, a child's loss of a doll and a kings' loss of a crown, are events of the same size."  Mark Twain    So even though some may see your problems as little, to you, they are huge. And if you really feel that you need mental help to get through this, then go get the help so that you can feel better and become a "bigger" person than those that are nasty to you. Good luck, God bless and please don't harm yourself but love yourself!