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im 15 and i have somee muscle kinda alot but not reallyy near my armpit and my boobs are really smalll aa cupp is that a reason why thehyyaree so small


If you have passed puberty for some time, a couple of years say, then although there are stories of late developers, women whose breasts didn't become significant until their late teens, generally speaking whatever your dna gives you is it.

Breast size and penis size must be the two most evaluated measurements on the planet, but basically as long as they do the job they're intended to, there's no reason to consider them anything other than perfect, and I can assure you that with 8 billion people on the planet, there will be plenty of people who consider you aesthetically perfect.

For every person who's fixated by large breasts, there's someone who considers small breasts more pleasing, so for now, I'd encourage you to focus on enjoying your recently acquired (natural) adulthood, and looking forward to your legal adulthood, and the life ahead of you.

If when you reach 18, 21, 25 whatever, you decide that you're sufficiently self conscious to consider cosmetic surgery or the like, then you will be fully entitled to do so. I would point out an interesting study, that despite the visual appeal, men generally have been found to mistrust women with boob jobs - go figure. Something along the lines of 'if she's fake with her boobs, what else is she willing to fake'.

So basically, what you have is natural, enjoy it, and have fun.