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Sometimes whenn im not evven cold or hot and i lay in bed or ssomething ii myy feet become really colld and sweatyy and i hate it annd its diisgustinng


You're really only trying to exhaust me, aren't you?

Ok, on this one: whether it's disgusting or not is down to you: personally, I doubt it qualifies as a serious contender.

Basically, it's perfectly normal. Your feet are (relatively, I'm 6'4") a long way from your heart - so their circulation is generally poor, relative to your core (torso, head to groin). Thus even when you're warm, they can be cold.

A simple effective solution I've found (hey, I never said I enjoyed it either, just, disgusting?) is this:

- fill the bath with an inch or two of warm-to-hot water (remember, your feet are cold, too hot and you risk chilblains)
- wash and rub your feet
- towel dry

This has three benefits:

- warm water warms your feet
- washing them cleans the pores, improving breathing
- rubbing them improves circulation

Go back to bed, nice and toasty.


Chilblainss?? Explaiin plzz lolL


You know what - even as I wrote it, I knew you were going to ask.

You're going to have to google it - it's like the boogy man, it's what you're supposed to say when someone puts cold skin in water that's too hot... whatever they are, I've never had them, never found out. It's what my parents said to me, so I issue the same warning to you.

Scary huh?

Basically, if you put your feet in boiling water, they're going to blister ... chilblains I guess are like a milder version, but like I say, who knows... just use common sense, and you'll be toasty.