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Hey guys,i really need some tips on how to look prettier. I have no idea what to do or what to change im 15 and a sophmore in high school and on the cheerleading team and im trying to change my look because homecoming is coming up and all the cheerleaders have to go with football players so i iwant to get noticed. Any tips and tricks will help!

I have brown hair its about to my shoulders I have brown eyes and kinda dark skinned. THAnks! :-D


Ok... how much time do you have? Actually, it's great timing because you have a chance to save a fortune, avoid years of anxiety, and live a happy and fulfilled life. We'll get to a couple of practical tips in a moment, but first, a hint: look around at your tv, bookstore, websites, high street, etc: how much of what's on sale, or being advertised, is about helping women to be prettier, slimmer, lead happier lives and find the right guy? Now that either means it's a really big issue (which at 15 it certainly feels like), or it means that it's a really big issue, and everyone else is going to make an awful lot of money out of you before your 50... your call.

So here's the tips:

1. You have no idea how attractive you are. That's good news. To find out: pay attention to who pays attention, and then, just before or after the instant rejection/attraction, notice who you're attracted to, who they are, and take a moment to appreciate yourself and them.

Sounds hokey and new age? It is... but it's life. The guy that's right for your best gf is not the guy that's right for you, and no, not everyone has to go with football players - unless you really like the idea of being a notch on a bedpost. Good for the guys, not even bad for you, but is that it, really?

2. Do you want to get laid, noticed, loved, hugged, married? Understand yourself: and more important, understand the other guy.

I can't and won't comment on the first option, but for the rest:
noticed: go figure - literally - the tightest figure you can show - it'll get you noticed unless you're a size zero model, in which case you'll get noticed another way, and make a fortune that way instead.

- loved: check out the eyes, his and yours: and dare I say it, look in the stand, stadium or whatever: the dreamy eyed geek may be the last thing your friends will give you credit for, but if your heart melts when he reads poetry (or texts you), that's amore.

- hugged: flirt, smile, touch

- married: really?

3. Little known secret: guys see a lot more than you think. (And if the fashion companies admitted that, they'd be out of business).

To someone, a lot of someones out there, you're the hottest thing that's walking the planet. You just don't know them yet, or know why they think that. Next time someone tells you, ask, and then thank them.

Guys see confidence, trust, fun, cool, brainy, warm as well as high-maintenance, ditzy, bitchy, whatever. There's a reason everyone loves the Dalai Lama, and it's not the orange robe. Take a moment to appreciate that there's a guy out there for you, already, you've already met, already found a connection, already experience something wonderful, and you're all ready to accept what happens as right and appropriate.

There's a mystery that says the moment you're attached, you become more attractive: because the moment you're attached, you radiate happiness, and that attracts guys like bees to a honey pot.

4. Oh yeah, the rest. Yawn. Do the makeup thing, if you want, must, and all the rest: no guy ever said hell no, I don't date women that look hot... but there's a reason it's a cliche: the woman that's really hot, is glowing from within.

Good luck.