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I went thru his phone. I found he texts his buds abt hot chicks (dude I can't get over how hot she is) and its girls he works with or goes to our university. I feel disrespected; do his buddies think less of me? Do they think he doesn't want me anymore? My Bf starts these texts. Then I went to his photos because he took pictures of me at my event. He saved TWO pictures of a sorority girl on his phone. This is a guy who tells me he hates the girls in Greek Life because they are all drama and he dates one before me and it was bad. They are 2 of her Facebook profile pics just of her smiling at the camera, not sexual at all. I may look at hot male celebs but I don't save pics of fellow classmate males on my phone. Yes she's pretty. She lost a lot of weight so her body is curvier than mine & he texted his buddy 'can't get over how hot she is. I was devastated for the past 2 days. I feel so sad thinking our relationship may end & I kept comparing myself to her. I didn't find any fb messages, calls or texts btwn them so I think he just looks at her. This is eating me up inside.I didn't text him much the past few days. We have dated 3 years & as far as I or my friends see, he seems interested & serious about us. He treats me amazing otherwise, always texts me & tells me how adorable, cute or pretty I am... I felt so lucky up until now. Our sex life is good. As long as one of us isnt stressed too much or sleep deprived, we make love at least once a week. He doesn't mind sex when my period is here.. More facts- He didn't make plans to celebrate our 3rd anniversary this year but he came over & took me to a movie, stayed at my house a few nights. .. but he didn't comment when I wore a new bra the other day. Should I forget all this? Should pretend I am too busy to hang out. Should I ask him to show me pictures from my event & when he gives me the phone with the photo open, I stumble on the pics of that girl & take it from there?


sorry for hearing all about it but u guys need to sit and talk it over , u cant carry it over ur shoulders .... u said she is with u at the same school,,,do they meet ? text ? chat?.... its not just a pic of a hot girl , its a girl that he knows her in person ,,,, so for the sake of ur relation u guys need to talk ,,, specialy since u mentioned he never made any comments about ur new bra ... does it mean he is not attracted any more ??a lot of questions need to be answered