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Seems there is alot of talk about "techniques" etc when it comes to making a woman cum but what seems to be missing is the mind (the psychological aspect of a woman) component.

In my experience there is no way a woman is going to seriously cum (or allow herself to cum) unless you can "break her down" psychologically in some way ... and mildly physically (I dont mean beat her up but more like twirling a towel and whipping her ass or pulling her skirt up and spanking her).

What about language and "talking" to a woman. While giving her a massage is a great time to talk to her. Ask her if she likes a deep massage or a shallow massage..ask her what she likes about a deep massage..then tell her you are going to make her your slave after you give her a massage..tell her "baby I love the tiny hairs on the side of your neck just behind your ear, it makes me so turned on"...kiss her there... "baby I wish I could be the pendant on your necklace, nothing would make me happier than to be able to frolick on top of your clevage all day long"

Keep talking keep breaking her down over and over again as time goes on get more aggressive with language. If you are patient you can get her to come by talking to her and owning her psychologically. It doesnt matter what you say just the depth of your voice..the pace...and then the words

80% Mind 20% Body

80% Foreplay 20% Sex

80% Voice tonality 20% Content

I believe every girl is able to cum and squirt and lose all bodily control and all that good stuff. Guys just need a bit more patience and less self-gratification. You have to be willing to make the girl go crazy and then walk away (even though you're harder than the Great depression in the 30's).

All the experienced guys out there feel free to add whatever Ive missed out...


It is completely true that women need more stimulation than guys do. I have a better orgasm when my man shows me extra attention to my body and I love hearing all the dirty little things he wants to do.