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I know im still in puberty but i just want bigger breasts. Im only twelve but all my friends have bigger boobs!


If your only 12 you should'nt be worrying about them yet, some girls start puberty in middle school, or if they're a bit late maybe even high school. Apparently if you eat a lot of chicken they're supposed to help the growth but other then that I havnt heard anything else helping with that problem. Your best bet is to just wait for your figure to come in on it's own and let nature take care of it. But if your really that desperate for at least some of a difference, try wearing a padded bra with a little bit of a push up, not too much 12 year olds arn't expected to have much! Good luck with the growth though ! Just be happy with what you've got for now, and you'll wake up one day to realize your boobs are growing ! :-D