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My girlfriend was about 7-8 days late for her last period which started on February 5th. Her cycles are usually 28-30 days and last for 5 days each. We began to get worked up about a pregnancy scare well before her expected period. Her previous period ended Jan. 1st We had protected sex with no mishaps (thank God), but for some reason we got all worked up. The last time we had sex was on January 24th.

She took a hpt on Jan 28, and a blood serum test on Jan. 29th, both were negative. She took another hpt on Feb. 5th and it was negative and she started her period that day. It was very heavy, but she says it was normal blood like all the previous. She cramped really bad, we figured it was due to it being late. We figure she was late because we got all stressed out in January.

She has since ended her period, and our little worrying minds are still at work??? She took a hpt on Feb. 15 and 16 both were negative. It has now been 13 days since she started her last period, it lasted the normal 5 days and was heavy.

She was feeling kind of nauseated last night and this morning. I talked to her this evening, and she said she has had a bad headache all day and felt nauseous. However, the stomach flu has been going around lately, and I have had it myself. I wasn't really worried any more until she started feeling sick.. She says she feels horrible right now. I'm just thrown for a loop, I keep telling myself it is the stomach flu. Do you think thats what it is???

Should their be any reason to worry?

We have since decided that maybe we aren't ready for sexual relations and that we are going to hold off.


In my humble opinion, is sounds to me like the stomach flu. I work at a hospital in California, and they are coming and going like crazy. ALSO... she can get herself SOOOOO worked up and scared that she CAN make herself sick.
I think it is an EXTREMELY EXTREMELY wise choice to abstain. I read SOOOO many posts of people torn up from abortion in here.
Take it from someone who did the worrying and carried on in the foolishness. I know. I would probably buy one more test, just to set your mind at ease. It will probably be negative.