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I keep feeling a need to burp out of nowhere and a feeling as though my nose and throat are getting blocked.

It also feels like there is pressure on the bridge of my nose. But when I go to blow my nose there's nothing to get rid of and I don' feel relief.

Around my jaw up to my cheekbone, on both sides, but mainly on my left side, I feel puffiness and a bit numb. It goes away and then returns periodically throughout the day.

It has been happening over the course of a week.

I have put Vix Vaporub on my chest and throat which makes my breathing feel better for a while but I still feel the need to burp/release air.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? It's scaring me!


You have described what I have been going through since July 15th of 2008. I have been to many doctors and specialists since and had a few diagnostics such as CT and MRIs performed

- long n short is doctors say I'm healthy, and I suspected it could be due to chronic less obvious sinus problems, and or related hig blood pressue meds and or old neck injuries that have caused some irreperable nerve damage.

One doctor suspected even at a first glance it was some type of peripheral nerve condition. which still isn't ruled out.

I also have one pal that I went to university with going through a very similar thing - which blows my mind.

I should also mention, I have ringing in the ears esp Left and dizziness off + on.

I'm no doctor - but have a Phys Ed degree and some general Athletic Therapy background.

I don't wanna freak ya out - n sometimes reading on the net will drive a person batty :-p. Never pronounce yourself sick unless someone proves it. Breath - relax.

Ask you doctor about taking a baby asprin once a day and why you might dep's on your family and personal history.

BUT Never start taking any meds no matter how smart someone might sound, without talking with a doc first.

Hope to hear from ya.

Wanna compare some notes? I find this is more pronounced post exercise.