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I was in a car accident in which was insured, I could feel how the safety belt caused my sternum to be pressed inwards and soon after that ribs popped back to their places like popcorn. I had pain and a pressure feeling in my forechest, I went to a local emergency clinic from where I told to go for X-rays to a university hospital.
6 hours after the accident I got a pain killing injection (not a single cold pack as emergency treatment!) and finally I met the 2nd doctor, who decided if it necessary to take any x-rays ... because I looked to be in good condition, he almost said no, but then desided to send me to
x-rays .... and then he got serious, when he saw my clear dislocated horisontal sternum fracture! Then immediately I was was controlled with blood pressure (high!), heart film (normal), lab.test (normal) and stayed in the hospital over night.
In the morning he told me to go home and gave me prescription of painkillers and document for 3 weeks of sick leave, and told me to control sternum fracture in the local healt clinic.

As my sternum is unstable, I have difficulties in movement, no rotation of the thoracic spine or raising arms etc. BUT I GOT NO DIRECTIONS HOW TO LIVE AND HELP MY STERNUM FRACTURE TO HEAL THE BEST.
Please tell me, what is the best to do or not to do the next weeks/months.
Thank :-D you!


It is important that a placement of the bone has been attained. You should rest and try not to aggravate the sternum. After 6-8 weeks, your sternum should be strong for most if the activities but it will take some time until it heals completely.

You may have to do some physical therapy later on. Your doctor will probably say if this were necessary. It is important that you eat well, that your get enough proteins and calories, so that your body could heal. The rest is up to time.