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About 8 days ago, I somehow managed to lock my pinky finger in my car door. It was stuck in there til I could find my key and unlock the door so about 20 seconds... It went from being barely swollen the first day, to being very swollen the next day... My whole finger turned blue and my nail turned all the way black... It was extremely painful to even rest it on a pillow I literally could not touch anything. It wouldn't bend or straighten... Now 8 days later, my finger no longer has much pain.. But it is still swollen and blue. I still can't straighten it and it has a weird tingly feeling to it. Also, the skin on my whole pinky is extremely dry and I don't usually have dry hands. Is this normal? Is it ever going to feel normal again? I know it's just my pinky but I definitely don't wanna lost it!!


Hello, Miss K.  Your injury sounds very painful!  I believe you definitely broke the pinky finger.  You should go and have it set so it heals properly.  Usually a broken bone will show up as swelling and bruising in the area of the fracture.  You will have to get to the doctor and have him fixed it up for you.  If you don't get prescription pain medicine, try OTC Extra Strength Tylenol for the pain you are having.  Don't try bending it or moving it anymore.  Keeping it up above your heart will help with the swelling as well as an ice pack.  Has anyone else had a injury to the fingers that ended up being a fracture?