I'm trying my best to make this short, I would like to thank you for your time before hand. Here we go:

My Brother had his Right Index Finger torn back, way past normal functioning angles due to a peice of equipment.

At the Base of the Middle Phalanx on the Right Index Finger, the finger curves inwards towards the other fingers. It bends to degrees not possible of the same joint of my own. He has daily pain.

It has been nearly 2 years since the accident. Theres also swelling/red area around the middle phalax joint, and below the head 2nd melacarpal bone of the index finger on his palm.

What is this type of injury specifically? Where can I find more info on this type of injury? Will a splint / brace fix this?

He has Braced / Taped his finger straight before but never long enough to heal. He says it gets too painful. Is it too late to tape/brace his finger to heal in a straight line?

-History Diagnoses and Medical persons seen-
I know the amount of time passed is terrible, and probably his own fault. But he had seen 2 doctors, and physiotherapist, and a specialist. He was never recommended or given any type of cast or brace to correct the bent finger. The only Recommendation was exercise. This all seems very wrong to me. He did have a WCB claim but it closed in time Since no one recommended and kind of compensation. According to articles I'v read from WCB online, it would appear Mal-practice had occured.

Any information, suggestions, related experiances, or facts which I may find useful please post. Again thank you for your time.