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i am 17 years of age. and i have a very normal period usually starts on the 29th or 30th of each month. and than when my period gets closer to ending i usually get what is like a brown period which is normally called brown discharge. well this month i didnt have my period at all and now i am  a week late and i am now starting to have thick brown discharge. and it is scaring me because i never had just that. could i be pregnant?! the last time i had sex was the 16th of july if that helps any. please help me and tell me what to do. im a scared teenager that could really use the help. 


Hi Pumpkin,

Did you use protection? Might be an idea to go and speak to your doctor about this.

It's hard to know, but it sounds to me like this is your period - in which case, you're not likely to be pregnant - but if it's a change from your usual cycle, that's another reason to go and talk to your doctor.

A lot of women have erratic periods for years after they first start, so perhaps you've just been lucky up until now, and this your period changing a little. A doctor will be able to advise you.

Hope that helps a little and try not to worry too much!