hello, im hoping some of you can help me.

I've been having this brown discharge since Jan 20th. My period is supposed to start on the 1st week of Feb.

These are what i've noticed: no odor, sometimes there's clumps, not too much a liner can't handle and it's brown.

I've read different types of forums and I dont know what to believe.

I'm 18yrs old, turning 19 in 3 months.

Me and my boyfriend are sexually active. But we actually never did it. We always have dry sex. Although, he'd put his penis out; on that particular day (Jan20) I dont think (if i remember correctly) I took off my shorts. This isn't the first time this brown discharge happened to me. From what I understand, I'm just 'cleaning out' what was left from my previous cycle. But this is the first time this went on for more than 7 days AND it's weeks early (when i heard it usually happens) before my next cycle.

Please help :(