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I am 19, not sexually active, so rules out STD and pregancy. I used to have normal periods. The past 5 months I've been getting brown periods. Except in November, I got a normal period so I thought I was fine. But in December and right now, I'm having brown periods. It's more than a liner, enough for just a small pad. My cycles are 35 days long the brown lasts a week, and very light brown discharge 2-3 days before and after. I still get cramps and everything else like normal. There is no fish or bread smell, no itching, no burning. What's wrong with me? Is it hormonal or stress? I got my period a few days early, but I also was under a lot of stress last week. MUCH more stress than normal. Please help!


Hi Pats,

My doctor told me that when that it's darker because the blood is older.  If a textbook menstrual cycle is 28 days but yours is 35 days it's possible the old blood is has just been sitting up there for a few days.  It's just like when you cut your finger, the first day the blood is really red and the next day it's more brown.  I found an article basically saying the same thing I just said here.  

BTW, stress can effect your body is different ways and is very unhealthy for us! So, relax! You deserve to be good to yourself!

All the best :-)