need some advice i have a doctors appointment booked but its a 2 week wait i have a issue with pooing ive had it a while and realised today i need to go to the doctors i didn't know how serious it was today i i ate lunch i had chicken curry and rice within 20 minutes i was walking home and i needed a poo there was no toilets around there was so much pain in my stomach i couldn't hold it i ended up going in a field some where discreet after i looked at the poo and there was rice in the poo witch i ate what i had for lunch to 20 minuets before and there was some blood and the poo was extremely yellow as well. my stools always change as well most of the time its runny and some times its hard but when its hard the poo is always black. some times i wake up during the night and there so much pain in my belly where im sweating and in discomfort usually last 10 minuets max was 45 minuets . do u recon i should wait two weeks for an appointment or go to the walk in doctors?