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i have constant daily stomach gurgling and gases. i eat breakfast, i eat all the foods to my blood type, and i dont eat and wheat products. i have had stomach complaints (gurgling, gass, constant movements) for over a year now but my doctor keeps telling me it will go away and it hasnt. i am worrying myself sik about this and im not getting to sleep until very late at nite. can i still have IBS even if i only have gurgling, movements and gases as my sysptons??? lately i have had slightly runny poo''s.

can some please help :-)


i've have this problem too!!! its really embarassing!! especially after lunch!!
when i was younger .. i never ate lunch, but now that i'm older i wish i had!
people don't really understand. 8-|
so when i eat a very big lunch, to compensate for not eating breakfast, it doesn't help at all!!! i get really embarass .. my stomach sounds like it farted lol!!! :$ :$ :-(
i find drinking milk helps .. but sometimes it can get worse!!
taking rolaids helps sometimes! but usually i find if you eat something small throughtout the day, like cookies, or muffins. it helps!!!
ITS NICE TO SEE THAT I'm not the person in the world that has this problem!!
but other than that i don't think there is an official cure!!!
but i just want to say i hope someone can discover one lol!!
i hope this helps, best of luck!!! ;-) :-D