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hey guys,

i had bowel movements with jsut little blood in the toilets and streaks on my stool

but what worried me was a few days ago i ahd heaps of blood in the toilet, the toilet turned black in colour in the middle and bright red in the front and back due to the blood?

what could this be i have hemoroids but it is small

my anus feel like there a tear sumtimes i dunt know how to describe the feeling but it hurts a bit when i touch it or sit down sometimes


Hi there,

You have to understand that blood in the stool can be really caused by many things. For instance the most often cause of the blood in the stool are of course the hemorrhoids. However the hemorrhoids will mostly cause bright red blood because the bleeding is around your anus. If the blood is darker the bleeding is then somewhere in your intestines or in your stomach. Did you have any stomach pain in past several days? This can also be caused by polyps in your intestine as well. The best thing would be to see your doctor and to run some tests. I hope this helped in any way.  


Best wishes,




When I noticed the blood in stool for the first time, I was so freaked out!

First, I believed that there is nothing wrong with me because I had regular bowel moments and there was no pain.

But still, that was not a reason for me to be calm. I was scared very much. So, I went to see my doctor because I always let an expert check on me when I see that something is not ok with me. A lot of people love to say that I am a hypochondriac, but I don't care - my health is at the top of my life list.

I was diagnosed with colonic ischemia, and actually, this refers to colon tissue damage triggered by reduced blood flow and an associated lack of oxygen according to my doctor's words. Thank God because this situation is usually temporary, and the damage is typically limited to an isolated segment of the colon lining.