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Brownish/ pinkish discharge for 2 weeks?
hey im 24 years old , i got my last period june 30 and it last for about 4 days . 2 weeks after this i stated spotting a pinkish/ brownish discharge for about 2 more weeks . i was soppose to get my period and i havent got it. could it be because all the blood that was soppose to come out while my period came out in the 2 weeks thats i was spotting or can i be pregnant?. and why was i was spotting for 2 weeks staitght and now i missed my period? thanks u for having the time to read this hope to hear some one soon

ps. i took a pregnancy test 1week ago while i was spotting . should i take one now that i have missed my period? i have never took birthcontrol.


I think taking one now that you have missed your period would be a good idea :)