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Hi ! my son is 4 years old , he frequently urinate ,he goes to the toilet every hour and urinate a normal amount around 100 ml.. even in school his teacher don't allow him to drink untill 2pm..we complained about that. he drinks a glass and half an hour later he has to urinate... and same at night..he looks and acts healthy with a lot of energy.he has been always with that problem, he goes to urinate twice during dinner, should we give him any tests ? thank you.


Hi there,

You have to know that many children can have this problem and in many cases the cause might be the same as in adults, like urinary tract infection. However there are several reasons why your child might have these problems. Frequent urination in children can be caused by diabetes, pollakiuria or voiding dysfunction. Juvenile diabetes could be the cause of your child’s problem but in this case you should test his blood sugar level. Pollakiuria is condition know as extraordinary daytime urinary frequency condition and it happen in children from three to eight years of age. The fact is that there are no other symptoms involved. And voiding dysfunction causes children not to empty their bladder completely.