I wonder if anyone else has experienced this feeling and if or not its a symptom ! It was very severe burning pain at around 5 weeks but has eased somewhat and some days I don't have it at all but my lungs across the back and some times at the front feel like the are sore bruised not to touch just kind of inside also feel like I want to itch them again inside if that makes any sense it's not painful just uncormfatable I quit 8 weeks ago cold turkey after 30 years smoking 49 years of age female also suffering with lifetime asthma, recently diagnosed with large gallstone and also on menopause, having severe constipation and suffering anxiety also had chest X-ray was clear recently had bloods for vitamin deficiency foliage cholesterol thyroid all clear any info please it's driving me mad sometimes the burning feels lower like kidneys and round front lower stomach so not sure if any of it referred pain I'm currently taking prednisone with and doxycycline prescribed by doc to help with the shortness of breath and wheezing