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I'm employed at UPS SCS, I have been there for 3 months and the same thing has been happening to me for about a month. I spend 8-12 hours a day, 40-80 hours per week on concrete and PITO equipment. It started when I began using the PITO equipment for 4-6 hours per day. Numbness in the feet were first, mainly around the heels. I assume its the way you have to stand in the truck, but long after I'm out I have painful spots throughout my feet as I step and have pain from hips to knees, generally one side or the other. Again, I assume its from the required posture to operate the trucks. But on to the main topic, I first noticed burning in my upper left thigh, pretty well center, 6 inches below my hips, 2 inches down, 4 inches across. One day after lifting my leg semi-high of the ground the burning was so bad that it had to stand still and hunch over. I began to massage the spot and noticed it was numb. It is numb all the time, to the best of my knowledge, and burns a majority of the time. Today I start researching and came across the same Meralgia paresthetica as an answer, but also a site said a pinched nerve in the lower back. I believe it is the latter. Not only slinging anywhere from 800-2,000 boxes on a daily basis, all of which at least 10 pounds and as heavy as 100+, but bad posture on the PITO equipment, it just adds up to nerve to me. I'm sorry if I typed in circles, but I hope someone finds some help from this. I can only recommend STRETCH STRETCH STRETCH to prevent this. Stretching is such a good thing for your body anyway that I believe you should stretch whether you have anything physical to do or not.


Well, yes, stretching is a time honoured discipline before exercise, but if you're asking about possible treatments etc. for the nerve conditions, I have to suggest that if you're getting those kind of symptoms, something has to change. I appreciate that may not sound easy if you figure you're stuck in a job, with little choice in the matter, but you're not a robot (and even they need mainenance).

You don't have to do an Erin Brockovich, just yet, but you can start to explore your options. Ask around, your fellow workers, see if it's a recognised problem. Basically, you can try and repair the body as the damage accumulates, or you can take steps to change the conditions that lead to the damage. Personally, I suspect you're going to have to go with both.

If it's genuinely associated with and recognised as an issue with PITO equipment (whatever that is! some kind of fork-lift I would assume), I might be tempted to contact the manufacturer, see what they have to say. If they're US based and scared of litigation, they may brush you off, and we'll see you on the big screen in twenty years. If not, they may be concerned if a design change could make it better.

Maybe you can come up with a modification that makes the equipment more comfortable? Dyson was frustrated with the bag in his hoover - didn't do him too much harm, solving that one.

I have no idea what UPS are like as an employer, but any company that big has to have procedures and be sensitive for its reputation. A legitimate health question and request to keep working, but vary it so that the health risks are reduced, is not unreasonable. Especially nowadays, failing to take complaints seriously, combined with Twitter, makes a powerful combination - the last thing they want is viral bad publicity.

Basically, first responsibility is yours to see what you can do, but ultimately there are plenty of people who would like to see reasonable, ethical, working conditions. You're obviously willing to work hard - it's only fair to reward that with conditions that allow you to do so in reasonable health and safety. Good luck.