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i have been vomiting for three years with many tests done and no diagnosis in sight, if i have even a slight feeling of fullness i vomit, it is not intentional and i cannot stop it. at one point it only would take two bites of food to make me feel full, and i would vomit,i told the doctor i feel like i should weight five pounds yet ive gained sixty, his reply was that its ovious that some food is getting through because of the weight gain, yet i feel hungry five minuets after vomiting. can someone help me figure this out. six years ago my jaw was broken so i dont chew my food much, if this has any effect on that.


my partner's daughter had (has) symptoms that sound familiar, including the fact that doctors completely failed to appreciate the nature or seriousness of the condition - she had two conditions, one being an intersussection (from memory), being as best I understand it an overlap of the small into large intestine, which is not the aspect that I believe may be relevant

the other was a serious food allergy, her intestine would not process the vast majority of foods, leading to chronic constipation, and in the reverse of gravity, what goes down must come up - if the intestine says no, the stomach fills up pretty rapidly, and bang the food is back out

she had a hardened, swollen belly as the condition worsened, and medical staff are still unable to provide either a solution, or reasonable maintenance program - the laxative quantities and amounts were frankly frightening, and she now has a tube in the side for ease of injecting chemicals, but again that hasn't helped much

the weight gain comment is reminiscent of doctors' reaction 'there's nothing wrong with that child' - she was gorgeous and radiant, when her stomach wasn't causing her intense pain, and doctors couldn't see past the obvious - until they went to Germany and finally got a proper diagnosis

if you're compensating by eating high sugar foods, easily processed in the stomach (I conjecture) you can still get fat, even if your intestine isn't processing properly

all just conjecture, but the similarity in terms of both symptoms and doctors' reaction was such that at least I should share this with you