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Hi All,

Can anyone please tell me ,will HIV be transmitted throgh a bite that too on top your shirt.I was bitten on my back by a girl at a club.
that was a very soft bite and it was on top of my shirt .I dint see any blood oozing when I checked my body right after the incident.
also I was wearing a white shirt on that day and no stain at the bitten area.Any one please help me with this query?



Wow. That's a new one.

Firstly, why do you imagine she may have HIV? Was this an HIV+ Vampire's convention?

A soft bite on top of your shirt?

Unless her false teeth were out, or you'd insulted her, sounds more like she was trying to hit on you than infect you. Lucky escape for her, I guess, unless it was an argument, because this has got to be up there in terms of unusal posts and concerns, verging on paranoia... sorry, but the human race has existed for millions of years with scourges far more lethal than HIV - check out Black Death, or the Influenza Pandemic (vs the bizarre and ludicrous media hyped recent scares) - which killed more people than the entire first world war, widely regarded (with justification) as the worst and most costly conflict in terms of lives in hiistory.

But for the record, HIV transmission is generally considered blood-to-blood.

Google HIV in saliva: I found this (mcld):

"Occasionally I'm asked about whether HIV is present in an HIV-positive person's saliva, and whether it carries a risk of transmission.

The short answer is that saliva virtually never carries any infectious HIV at all.

It does carry detectable "components" of HIV (such as viral RNA and proviral DNA), but these are not infectious on their own. The environment that saliva provides is far too harsh for infectious particles to remain intact and viable."

So no, she didn't offer you blood (or semen, that would be a tricky one), nor did she reach your blood, so no - HIV is not an issue.

If you have the name of the club though, I'd be really interested.


Dear Sir,

Thanks very much for the feedback, its really helpful.

Answring your questions. No, I didnt insult her nor the false teeth were out.She was just joking around rather hitting on me as you said.

but normally I am bit anxious about these type of Diseases and I got recently married. I was under tremendous pressure by thinking will this be infected to my wife as well.
Your reply was really helpful so I could go back to my normal life and enjoy it.
Once again Thanks

Do you think , is this related to any anxiety disorder and consult with a Psychiatrist as am scared this will effct my marriage and sexual life if I overthink about it.



That's a difficult question to answer, because as the bumper sticker says: just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

Just because you're a hypochondriac doesn't mean you're not ill.

Basically, we're all concerned about life, decisions, circumstances: the question is, do your concerns so overwhelm you that you feel unable to participate in normal life? Do they play an untoward or exagerated role in your life?

Personally, I wouldn't go checking in to a psychiatric ward just yet: if you've managed to fool society so far, let's see if we can't keep you fooling it a little longer.

If you can treat it as a curiosity: "you know, I'm noticing I spend a lot of times worrying about things, and needing to be reassured: I wonder if that's worrying, maybe I can do some research to reassure myself?"

Treat yourself as someone who's normal, but with a beachball sewn to his skin: "that's curious, I wonder if I can find out how I got a beachball sewn to my skin?"

Read books, not as a hypochondriac does to see if that's 'his' disease: but as a means of noticing how society has found other people's minds to work, and to compare and contrast to see how your mind works.

Maybe you see, or remember something: "it's interesting, I remember the first anxiety attack I had was when a fly landed in my soup, and I wondered if I was going to die of disease... I wonder why I was concerned. I remember being 5 years old, and now, as an adult, how would I look at that?"

And while I would hold off on the psychiatrist - I find their sense of 'disorder' to be a bit disturbing, I might perhaps try some other sessions, out of curiosity: maybe you learn something, maybe you don't.

Go to a clinical hypnotherapist, see if they can discover founding memories that are relevant. Enquire, learn.

As long as you're scared about something, rather than feeling compelled to do something, then you're not disturbing anyone by enquiring, and you may find some useful answers, and learn to distinguish moderate and rational concern, from blowing an issue into a crisis.

I don't believe it's an issue, but if you do start to have feelings or compulsions that are disturbing, in the sense of creating harm to another human being, then yes, I suspect society would be greatful if you discussed those first with someone, but at the moment, I think it's more a case of learning to distinguish a modest and reasonable concern: "wow, I think I just got hit on, gee, I hope she didn't give me HIV, hey, wait a minute, what am I thinking, what are the odds of that and how could that happen, hey, where did she go that was fun" and really considering it a serious risk.

It's far better to ask, and there are no silly questions, but life might be easier for you if you can put your enquiring mind to constructive use on your behalf, pushing you forward in life, rather than distracting you.