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my 20 mth old nephew has been sick for 4days seen doctors 3 times. his ear have fluid draining, eyes look like there bleeding, blisters in mouth and throat (pooping and bleeding) fever of 100 with medicine, dehyrated has only urinated once since yesterday morning and it was very little, face swollen, most recent as of this morning tongue is swelling. he was on amoxiclin on saturday and by sunday morning was worse went back to doctor was put on augmentin and still no change its getting worse. please someone help what is going on the doctors cant even help my nephew :'(


With those symptoms I'm astonished he hasn't been admitted to hospital. I'm not a medical professional, merely an experienced adult, but if you haven't had an informed diagnosis - and you don't mention one - and and his condition isn't recognised, then in a moment I will put my new age hat on and offer a couple of thoughts.

In terms of mainstream medicine and science, that though is the first question: were you given a diagnosis?

If so, it would help to know what it is. If not, then clearly medical science may be coming up blank.

Augmentin (according to the web) is a penicillin - basically anti-biotic, so that tells us no more than that the doctor believes it to be a viral/bacterial infection. What it doesn't indicate is the nature of the infection, side effects, risks etc, but those symptoms hardly sound pleasant, so you're right to take this most seriously.

If you do believe that science is doing ok, and the doctor seemed calm (yes, they're always supposed to seem that way) and reassuring, then you may simply have to ride this out. Bear in mind, difficult as it may be, that neither he nor you are ultimately in charge of your child's well-being - that is down to nature, chemistry, luck ,the Universe, God, whatever you wish to believe in or not believe in.

What you can do is take all reasonable steps: the only one that you identify that can be readily addressed is dehydration: water is vital, so try to ensure he drinks (as are nutrients, he seems rather young for the old feed a cold, starve a fever adage), which is partly why I'm surprised he hasn't been admitted to hospital.

So much for rational science.

--- the following can be ignored if you are not comfortable with new age premises ---

I try to stay 'physical' on this site, given its nature, but for conditions where medical science is struggling, it seems unfair to withhold information or experience from the new age side of things.

If you are new to this, it may seem like turning in an act of desperation, and in a sense - for you - that is accurate.

For myself, and millions of people around the globe, this is simply daily life, just as a city teems with people going about their daily life, and a newcomer arriving desperate to get a job or save a baby is simply someone deserving support and sympathy, though hardly unusual.

If you're looking for information - and this should cost no more than about $50 or the price of a meal for two at PizzaExpress or some such, you can have a session and ask directly what is occurring with your child. The catch is - who do you ask. If you were in London, I'd happily advise you (and, in fact, the resources I trust do telephone readings, but I'd rather you had support closer to home).

It's all rather short notice for you to suddenly find a reliable, insightful resource, but here's my suggestion: check out mainstream bookstores, the new age section, mainly to reassure yourself that if it's mainstream, a lot of rational people pay attention. Then, to get to the kind of local resources you need, look up new age bookstores - there's almost certainly one in your nearest city - or reiki classes, tai chi classes, or similar, and go along and chat. Find where the bookstores are, because odds are, that's where you'll find the people who are skilled in readings.

I'm the first to admit that if you walk in off the street or phone someone at random, you'll as likely get nonsense or a request for hundreds of dollars to light candles - that isn't new age, that's fraud. By going to a reputable bookstore or reiki class, you're likely going to meet sensible, sensitive people, who'd like to help you.

Forget hollywood, Ghost, and the like (though in some ways that wasn't too inaccurate, it was still Hollywood) - you have a connection (as does your infant, and your sister (as it is, I presume)) to knowledge that you already tap into every day - inspiration, imagination, awareness, call it what you will. If you find a reliable source, all their really doing is listening a little bit more calmly and quietly than you may be doing, right now.

If in doubt, trust your heart. This isn't about desperate measures, it's about using information, seeking information. If it sounds sensible, go with it. If it's scary, leave it alone. Either way, I do hope it all works out.