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Got orthotics a few months ago and now I need to buy 2 new pairs of shoes.

Do I buy neutral shoes since the orthotics take care of my problem?

Do I take out the factory insole and replace it with them with the orthotics? My Dr. told me to leave the factory insoles in my current shoes and just put the orthotic on top.

What about coushining? I've got semi-ridgid orthotics, will I need a shoe with more coushin?


I've seen every type of shoe used with orthotics. Soft, cushiony ones, stable ones with polyurathane midsoles, and straight-lasted mega motion control ones. It depends on what feels good on your feet and what helps keep your feet neutral with your orthotics. Remember that the softer the midsole the easier it will be for that orthotic to push down on the medial side. And therefore, the shorter the life of the shoe. So, you might want to go with a shoe that has a bit more firmness in it's midsole. As for taking out the shoe's insole. Almost every pair of shoes I put on people's feet with orthotics, the insoles were taken out. Otherwise your foot tends to sit too high in the shoe. But try out both ways. With the insole, without the insole. In a soft shoe, in a firm shoe. And always make sure you can wear the shoe around your house for a couple of hours to see how they feel and then be able to take them back if they don't feel right.