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Hello all fellow Plantar Fasciitis sufferers! 

Being a suffer of Plantar Fasciitis for several years now I became so frustrated that whatever products I tried, nothing seem to of worked. I tried all sorts from insoles, to creams and gels. I even went to my local GP for advice, but he suggested the things I had been practising for years.

I found that wearing my wellies to walk my dog (a beautiful Border Collie) were the main cause of my Plantar Fasciitis, and several of my friends who suffered from Plantar Fasciitis also found that wearing wellies was what was causing this annoying problem too.

Having traded in my wellies to some hiking boots, I still found that the problem was not going away, of course because the damage had already been done.

Anyway after several years of trying most things, chopping and changing products, my husband recommend I should try an insole I had never heard of before, as one of his colleagues used it and found great results in curing Plantar Fasciitis. (He is an Engineer, always on his feet all day).

The product in question is called 'FootActive' (look them up online) and they do a wide range of orthotic insoles for every shoe type imaginable (YES LADIES, EVEN HIGH HEELS).

Having ordered the 'Comfort' (a full length insole) online for a reasonable price (£19.95) they came the very next day, and I have to say they certainly live up to their name, very comfortable indeed.

I ordered several more pairs to pop in all of my other shoes, and after about 2 weeks of use, my Plantar Fasciitis has gone. Finally after years of foot pain, there is a cure! I have since told all my friends and my husband’s colleague and they have all too brought FootActive insoles to great success.

I thought I would share my story with all fellow Plantar Fasciitis sufferers to let you know that there is a product that really works..!!!!

FootActive is a great product, with great customer services.




Hi Susan,


I too have used FootActive to help sure my PF, and I have had a very similar experience to you SusanHall1964 in how effective they were in actually curing it.


I used their 'Comfort' range and found the level of support to be excellent. I ordered the wrong size by mistake on my first order, but the Customer Service team at FootActive were more than happy to exchange it, and even sent it out on a next day delivery service free of charge.


I found that there level of knowledge is powerful, and have offered me countless support in choosing the right product for me. I now wear all their insoles in my shoes, tailoring each product with the different shoes I own (although I do not own any high heels like you, haha).


I have found that my PF has too gone, however I still keep my insoles in as recommended, to prevent it from returning.