My twin sister always had a miscarriage and a friend of mine whom i met in a show introduced me to a man online and i mailed him...and he replied.honestly,This is my first time making a doll.the man ********SPAM********* for my twin sis and she had a divination done with Miss Cat.he also suggested a Menses Blood spell,which my wife did and the effect was immediate and accurate.He also gave her a wad of hair to make a charm with.she made this doll with lodestones,his photo,foot track and hair,star anise,rosemary,rosebuds,lavend er and carved a penis out of fresh ginger and rolled it in Cinnamon and told her to use her dried menses blood.Red and white candle..I swear this really worked out and its for twin sis had her next baby and it was a bouncing baby boy..This man is a Genius and know the solutions to all kind of problems dealing with miscarriages .try him and i have that trust in him that your problem will be solved.. mail him to ..thanks to him

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