I had my last period about 16 days ago, and the last week i've had menstrual symptoms.. usually my periods jump around ..32 days, 30, 25, 27.. it just depends i guess.. recently my diet has changed to a more healthy diet..low carb, lowish fat.. and i just started exercising again.. could it really jump down to 21 days? ..there's really no way i could really be pregnant because i've never had INTERCOURSE.. (just oral..)..last month i was really stressed because i thought i was prego (boyfriend and i had oral but he had pre-ej fluid on top of his hand, wiped it off, but touched me..) then it came and i realized i was being silly.. to get prego, you need intercourse..

so im just confused.. and i guess a little worried.
so i would appreciate wise womanly council!