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me nd my gf had unprotected sex on 5 may nd after few hrs she had an i-pill nd again on 7 may we had unprotected sex nd on 12 may she was again having periods which were ended on 2 may.can she be pregnant? what r the chances of getting pregnant in this situation? Pls someone help me.....


Hi NitBha,

There's always a chance of pregnancy.

It's unlikely however from your description.  The i-pill is very effective within 72 hours.  It is not intended however to provide any "future" protection so having sex on the 7th was a risk.

The period on the 12th is a common side effect.  She can have an early or late period, heavier or lighter than normal.

She can take a home pregnancy test if she wants, at least 2 weeks after having sex.

Hope it helps.